Shed Packages

Why a Wooden Shed is the Best Option for your Garden.

Boost the value of your property with just a few coats of paint, siding or even faux stone! Increase the efficiency of your storage space by adding shelves where you need them.

  • Simple yet durable, withstanding more impact than metal or plastic
  • Most economical choice (overall cost efficiency)
  • Make it your own and finish it however you want to—both inside and out!
  • Best option when considering a natural or rustic look in your yard
  • Unassembled kits available for an easy DIY Project and finish it your way with a variety of quality and affordable materials, or decide to go with a pre-assembled shed, and get it delivered to your home too!

We offer three pre-designed sheds

Oakland Unassembled Gable Shed

  • Great economical DIY project, available in eight sizes!
  • OSB walls included, vinyl siding packages also available
  • Unassembled kits available in-store only. See us in-store for blueprints and instructions!

Sizes available:

  • 8'×4'
  • 8'×8'
  • 8'×10'
  • 8’×12'
  • 10'×4'
  • 10'×8'
  • 10'×10'
  • 10'×12'

Woodland Assembled Gable Shed

  • Pre-built shed, available in three sizes!
  • Comes complete with engineered truss arches, smart panel exterior siding and fir plywood floor sheathing.
  • Unassembled material packages are also available in additional sizes, so you can build your shed to suit your yard! See us in-store for blueprints and instructions!

Sizes available:

  • 8'×8'
  • 8'×10'
  • 8'×12'

Grandview Pre-Fab Shed

  • Unassembled materials package available in three sizes.
  • This package contains our state of the art wall panel unit to save time while building!

Sizes available:

  • 8'×8'
  • 8'×10'
  • 8'×12'