Medallion Cabinetry

Choose from the style that inspires you.

Get inspired with Medallion® because at the center of every home lies a place where loved ones unite, children snack with new best friends after school and world problems are debated over wine. Each time we come home, we go to this place - this room of comfort, joy and harmony. Welcome to the Kitchen. Where ideas thrive. Recipes are born. Meals turn into moments. And life is inspired.

Choose from the style that inspires you.

Beautiful and functional. Silverline fulfills expections with its practical value and upscale style.

Designer Gold
An iconic cabinet choice that exudes the ultimate in personalization with a vast array of styles, finishing details and smart storage solutions.

Crafted with exquisite details and artistic touches, Platinum displays timeless style and features superior workmanship in every angle, line and curve.

Backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. 

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