Green Treated Lumber

Most affordable decking option.

Durable and designed for outdoor construction makes this a budget-friendly option for decks and fence. Pressure treated with NW100® wood preservative, a waterborne, alkaline copper quaternary preservative system developed to provide long-term protection of wood exposed in exterior applications.

Wood products pressure treated with NW100® preservative begin with a familiar greenish colour and will over time turn into a light tan/brown colour after exposure to sunlight. As with most outdoor wood products, wood products pressure treated with NW100 preservative will eventually fade to grey over time.

Protect cut ends, drill holes and other field cuts with a brush-on end cut wood preservative at time of construction. Click here to see our selection for your decking project.

When installing deck boards, should the wood become wet during construction, it is recommended to butt deck boards together. As drying occurs, some shrinkage can be expected. If the wood is dry, allowing for shrinkage is not necessary.

Any exposed wood, pressure treated or not, should be protected from the weather. Application of a quality clear water repellent or stain containing water repellent, will help minimize the cycles of moisture take-up and loss the wood goes through outdoors. Clear water repellent can be immediately applied to your project. If you choose to use a stain which contains a water repellent, ensure the surface of your project is dry before applying. Click here to see our wide selection of stains and repellents for your decking project.

Product available only at Fort Frances, Keewatin, and Yorkton locations.

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