Garage Packages

Protect your car, recreational vehicles and garden equipment with a garage built with quality and functionality in mind from McMunn & Yates Building Supplies.

At your home or cottage, it's where you park your car, store your stuff, and for some, a workshop or a place to hang out. Garages are a great addition to just about any property. Pre-packaged or custom, McMunn & Yates can provide you with a quote on any standard-size garage or your own custom design.

Each basic Garage Package comes complete with:


  • Construction spruce lumber
  • PWF Treated bottom plate
  • Construction spruce studs at 16" on center
  • OSB sheathing for walls & roofs

Windows & Doors

  • Steel insulated overhead doors and weather-stripping
  • PVC sliding window with dual low-e glazing
  • Steel insulated entrance door, brickmould and lockset

Roof Construction

  • Engineered truss rafters
  • Tack on ladders - 12" overlapping
  • 3 1/2" heel cut, 12" overlapping
  • 30-Year warranty, BP Asphalt Shingles

Our professional Sales Specialists will guide you through the building process. Professional installation services available in selection locations. Request a quote or contact us today to book a free consultation!