Oakland Shed

Most economical choice for overall cost efficiency.

Building your own shed is easy with our unassembled Oakland Shed Package. With just a few coats of paint, your favourite siding or even stone, you can customize the look of your shed to match your home. 

Available sizes: 8'×8', 8'×10' and 8'×12'.

What's included
• Floor joists, wall framing and rafters
• 4×8-7/16" OSB Roof and Wall Sheathing
• 4×8-½" Fir Plywood Floor Sheathing
• BP Mystique Asphalt Shingles. See page 6 in our brochure for colour swatches
• Building instructions complete with nails and hardware

Finishing Options
Sky’s the limit! Choose from your favourite paint colour, our wide selection of siding or even stone, and complete your project however you want! With wooden sheds, you have the ability to customize the inside space to suit your needs. Add shelves and additional storage solutions wherever you want!

See our finishing options and storage solutions online today!