Woodland Shed

Simple yet durable, withstanding more impact than metal or plastic.

Pre-built and ready for delivery! Our Woodland Shed comes pre-built and ready for delivery so you can put it to use right away! The Woodland Shed is pre-finished using our Smart Panel Exterior Siding that is primed and paintable, and comes complete with BP Mystique Asphalt Shingles.

Available sizes: 8'×4', 8'×8', 8'×10' and 8'×12'. Click here to shop.

What's included
• Floor joists, wall framing and rafters
• 4×8-7/16" OSB Roof Sheathing
• 4×8-½" Fir Plywood Floor Sheathing
• Smart Panel Exterior Siding complete with 1x4 trim for door
• BP Mystique Asphalt Shingles. See page 6 in our brochure for colour swatches