Caribou Wood Butcher Block Countertops

Quality butcher block that requires no maintenance?

It's true! The Caribou butcher block End+Edge Technology makes it completely watertight, food safe and impact resistant, all while giving 100% matte sheen.

Made with pride by Canadian artisan cabinetmakers in Edmonton, Alberta (go Canada!), the Caribou block is built to last. Using only non-spliced wood blocks sealed with Radio Frequency Glue Technology, ensuring a flawless, food-safe finish to any commercial or residential furnishing (seriously, a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g!). Every Caribou butcher block is uniquely designed to fit your lifestyle and needs, is 1.75” thick with ¼” rounded edge profile and will vary in grain, colour and hew. Species available include:

Red Oak
This classic hard wood has strong up-fronts grains with a reddish tinge, has loose pores for good stain absorption and wears well in all applications.

Natural Maple creates a timeless, understated beauty with its clear, light colour, minimal grain, and low stain absorption. Maple’s tight grain makes it an ideal food prep countertops.

A particularly desirable grade of hickory wood, known as Calico Hickory, features muted auburns, soft browns and a roller coaster of grains. If you’re looking for that perfect character piece, this is it! Out of all the woods out there, the warm, bold wood and vibrant colouring is one that shines the most in character.

Cherry has classic character and warm red tones with swooping, complex grains in a myriad of browns, creating a welcoming feel in any space it occupies.

White Oak
White Oak brings forward warm oranges and light browns with variance in wood tones from block to block. And it does more than just look great – it’s lineal, clean hard as a rock and a true premium product.

Antiqued Oak
Antiqued Oak has swirls of complex oak grain brought forward in deep black, giving it an aged look. This wood is perfect for livening up uniform spaces with a distressed antique character piece.

Walnut has dark, complex, espresso-flavoured grains in a range of brown tones. This bold, elegrant wood has no equal for natural beauty and makes for a stunning focal piece.

Face Grains + How the Butcher Block is Made
We bet you’re wondering what a face grain is and why it’s important. Well, a face grain displays the natural grain of the wood as it appears on the widest portion of the board, the prettiest part, after milling (no wonder butcher blocks are just so beautiful). The raw material is cut into 2” strips then flipped 180 degrees, allowing the natural forces and stresses of the wood to counteract each other so the shrinking and growing work against each other. This keeps the product true and free from warping. Strips are then glued and clamped, planed, sanded and cut to size before adding an edge profile. What’s unique about Caribou is the End+Edge Technology process that is applied as it maintains a permanent finish, so no oils or special treatments are needed. Just clean with soap and water or diluted vinegar and water mix – that’s it! No further maintenance or harsh chemicals required, and who wants that anyway?

Caribou butcher block can be used for countertops, shelves, work benches, desks, dining and coffee tables, and just about any other kind of furniture imaginable. Build new or refresh an old space with caribou butcher block. If properly taken cared of, the Caribou block will last a lifetime.

Last but certainly not least, if you haven't already fallen in love with this product, hold on to your seats because for every countertop sold, one tree gets planted. How amazing!

Limited Lifetime Warranty
The Caribou butcher block is protected by a limited lifetime warranty against defect in workmanship and material, including excessive warping, delaminating and cracks in the materials. 

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