Coldspring Granite Countertops

Highly durable with minimal maintenance.

Next to diamonds, there's nothing harder than granite. Granite is a natural stone that is inherently hard and durable, an ideal material for countertop applications. Natural granite is a very hard, dense materials nad requires minimal maintenance and offers superior quality. Granite is available in a wide range of colours to match any decor. Custom fabrication is suitable for any application.

Highly Durable.
Nearly as durable as diamond, granite is scratch, stain and heat resistant. Granite is not affected by extremes in temperature and under normal conditions, granite resists etching by knives, household acids and kitchenware.

100% natural and non-toxic. Natural colours, grain and patterns. When sealed, is a sanitary countertop material and does not harbor bacteria.

Minimal Maintenance.
Re-seal with a silicone based penetrating sealer for every 8 - 12 months and your granite countertop will last for decades. Clean with mild soap and water is normally all that is required for granite.

Serves as a natural rolling board for preparing pastries, cookies and candy.

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