FloForm Laminate Countertops

Integral design. Exceptional affordability.

Laminate is fun, affordable and easy to maintain and made to fit your lifestyle and budget. Laminate countertops offer softer shapes which are achieved mechanically to offer a distinctive one piece. From natural textures like stone and wood, to more uniform designs of solid and aggregates, matching your countertop to their surrounding elements is easy with laminate. Post form and custom laminate is available.

Post form laminate countertops are made to fit your budget and still maintain designer appeal, offering value unlike any other surface. Undermounting a sink is possible with today's laminates.

Superb craftsmanship is always found in custom flat lay collection. Specifically handmade to enhance any specialized application, custom laminate provides a distinctive style not possible with post form.

More flexibility providing you special sized and shaped counters. Maximizing the sheet size of the laminate of 60"x 144" allows for seamless corner applications and can be utilized to avoid seams too close to sink cutouts. The flat lay collection is also well rounded to accommodate undermount sink solutions.

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