Cambria Quartz Countertops

Cambria performs beautifully. Every day.

Looking for maintenance free? Cambria® is an ideal choice for homeowners looking for a maintenance free countertop with stunning aesthetics. Cambria creates unique surfaces with the true elegance you demand of natural stone, and the hard-working performance your everyday life requires. Whether you prefer clean and contemporary, bold and colorful, classic or jewel-like with a hint of sparkle, you will find a design that is the perfect complement to your cabinets, backsplash and flooring. 

Cambria is a natural stone surface, composed of 93% pure quartz and 7% pigments and epoxy resin. Extremely durable while elegant and practical. Only Camrbia can meet both the needs of your lifestyle and the demands of your inspiration.

Strength & Durability.
Proven to be twice as stone as granite, it's a surface that is truly everlasting.

Maintenance Free.
No sealing, polishing or reconditioning is needed. Simply wash with warm water - it's that simple. Cambria will resist stains from fruit juices, food colouring, coffee, tea, wine, grape juice, even nail polish and felt tip markers.

Food Safe.
Cambria has been certified by NSF International for use as a food preparation surface. Cambria is totally non-porous and non-absorbent, making cleanup easy and preventing food and moisture from penetrating its surface - the main source of growth for harmful bacteria.

There are no safer stone surface for food preparation. Creased from natural quartz, an extremely hard stone crystal mined directly from the earth, quartz is the hardest non-precious stone that can be found in the earth's surface.

Backed by Cambria® Lifetime Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects.

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