Top Kitchen Trends

There are so many beautiful trends and ideas out there right now in the kitchen world,

but one thing to keep in mind if you are considering a trend, don’t try to fit everything into one kitchen. Stick to 1 or 2 trends for a nice cohesive look in your kitchen.

Open Shelving
This trendy look is airy, modern and a fun simple way to accessorize. Minimalist never looked so good. While some have concerns about the lack of storage, making smart storage solution decisions in all your lower cabinets eliminates the need for upper cabinets. From Pantry Pull Outs to Magic Corners, we have all the storage solutions you can think of to make your kitchen beautiful and functional. Don’t have the space to dedicate an entire wall or the time to keep it clean? Incorporate open shelves to a smaller more manageable space. 


Statement Backsplash
Go bold! Updating your backsplash is one of the easiest ways to make a statement without breaking the bank. Our new Diamante tiles are exceptionally beautiful! Looking for a sleek, modern and minimal look with big impact? Float your quartz countertop up the wall and prepare to talk about it with all your friends!


All About That Brass
It’s back and we have a HUGE crush on the brass trend right now. Not only gorgeous, but it makes a kitchen look and feel fresh and we think it's here to stay for quite some time. Brass hardware is the perfect accessory to any kitchen, and who doesn't want a little sparkle in their kitchen? 


Two-Toned Cabinets
Add some personality to your kitchen with two-toned kitchen cabinets. Whether you go dark on the lowers and light on the uppers, vice versa or completely bold, whichever one you choose is guaranteed to bring plenty of visual interest to your home. The two-toned kitchen cabinet design trend is here and it looks like it will be around for quite some time.


Countertops with Character
Homeowners are craving a bit more character in their countertops these days and what is not to love about veined countertops? When it comes to countertops, quartz is on the rise due to its no maintenance and realistic veining. Probably the most popular trend these days, veining adds style and character to any kitchen and consumers are choosing veined quartz as their masterpiece. Looking for more of an impact? Create one of the most luxurious-looking counters you will ever see by adding a waterfall countertop to your kitchen and allow the beautiful veined marble to flow down the sides of your island or cabinet. Talk about Instagramable! View our Cambria and HanStone Countertops, which is proudly made in Canada.