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  • Day 1: The New American Home 2018

    Each year, NAHB invests in building ‘The New American Dream’ – and yes, this is it!

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  • Day 2: Refined Curb Appeal to Enriched Outdoor Living

    Check out this entrance, not the door, but the driveway!! It is the first thing our guests see when they come to hang out, it is the start of the flow that continues around the home, into the backyard and becomes the ‘perfect gathering space’.

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  • Day 3: Lighting, the natural kind

    Lighting – the natural kind, sunshine! Brandon, Dauphin (our home town) and Winnipeg all get 2300+ hours of sun a year (poor Thompson, they only get 2000) Sure, it is cold, like -22 the other day, but when you're inside and the light is shining on your face – who cares? This is the value of a window...

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  • Day 4: Designer Garages? Yes!

    There is so much to share about the NAHB New Home – how about this garage? It was pretty cool...

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  • Day 5: Flooring your Feet will Love

    You were wondering when I was going to talk flooring! Flooring has changed, not only are materials chosen for functionality and price, but by spending time creating an intricate design, you create that homey “you” feeling like nothing else. There used be a few styles of hardwoods and a few colours or low end laminates that attempted to look like hardwoods – now you can get whatever look you choose...

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  • Day 6: Renovate and Relax!

    The luxury tub! After a long weekend at the rinks or to take a break from the family…this time is you time, all you!

    Now, I have no idea what they spent on this little piece of art...

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  • Day 7: Spa Retreat, Right at Home!

    This home had more than one bathroom (of course), and each bedroom had its own extravagant shower (of course), but for some, just one beautiful shower is enough for us to run home to! 

    This shower is all tile but before the tile...

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  • Day 8: Closets. Need we say more?

    Ohhhh, every “Housewives of Manitoba’s” dream - the closet! Think this is out of reach? No way! There are options – and options make dreams come true...

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  • Day 9: Functional, Beautiful.

    Function, function, function! If you have a busy life (who doesn’t!), you need organization! The designers added just that in this home. When you walk in through the access door, you find this cozy nook...

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  • Day 10: Your Dream Kitchen is in your Reach!

    Oh la la…the shining star, the diamond, the KITCHEN! They did this one in a classic style – and it has some super cool features...

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  • Day 11: Your house, your home

    Okay, there are way more features in this home. Maybe we can bring some more out in the spring, when we are a little warmer? But I want to share with you one final way how we can help you - remember, this is a new home build? Well, we can help you with that too. We have many pre-designed plans and we are working on 25 more...

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