Day 11: Your house, your home

Your house, your home

Okay, there are way more features in this home. Maybe we can bring some more out in the spring, when we are a little warmer? But I want to share with you one final way how we can help you - remember, this is a new home build? Well, we can help you with that too. We have many pre-designed plans and we are working on 25 more for you that should be done in a few weeks! If you are interested in one of these, we can provide you with more information fast and easy – just click the “GET A QUOTE” tab on the right side of the page to request a quote online!

If you are like me, you can’t find what you are looking for and want to change this and add that - well, that’s okay as we can help you do that to. We have four drafts people who work alongside our Contractor Sales team to help determine the design and products you need. Contact one of our Contractor Sales Representatives today - our team who is eager to help you through this process – we can connect you to our drafts people to get you the right design. We can estimate the product, we can price and order the product and we are happy to work with you or your contractor. We can help Make it Better.

One more thing – I just know you are going to ask - do you build? Our customers are you as well as our local builders in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and NW Ontario, so we choose not to. BUT, if you are someone who is looking for a builder, don’t hesitate to ask us, we have connections – isn’t that what life is about, making the right connections? You can decide.

Thank you for taking the time to day dream with me – I cannot do 4.5 million, but I can do a lot with a little because I am Manitoban!