Day 2: Refined Curb Appeal to Enriched Outdoor Living

Refined Curb Appeal to Enriched Outdoor Living

Check out this entrance, not the door, but the driveway!! It is the first thing our guests see when they come to hang out, it is the start of the flow that continues around the home, into the backyard and becomes the ‘perfect gathering space’. What’s in? The custom look! That means designing your specific landscape in your style. No two spaces are alike! We have local products that are manufactured in Steinbach from Barkman Concrete, which measures right up to the idea of custom luxury! Check out our ­­­Barkman Roman Paver in Grey and many other styles and colours. Plus you can order it online. If you would like some help with your estimate, click the “GET A QUOTE” tab on the right side of this page. PLUS we have 19 locations that are likely pretty close to you – so you can also come in and walk right up to our service desk – we will be excited to help you through the process of selection and measuring! Landscaping is so important!