Day 3: Lighting, the natural kind

Lighting, the natural kind

Lighting – the natural kind, sunshine! Brandon, Dauphin (our home town) and Winnipeg all get 2300+ hours of sun a year (poor Thompson, they only get 2000) Sure, it is cold, like -22 the other day, but when you're inside and the light is shining on your face – who cares? This is the value of a window in a home! Oh, but don’t forget design, yes design is a big part of choosing your windows, the style AND colour matter, in this case Black for the windows!

The industrial feel is huge (this is a Tuscan style home and they modernized it with the black windows) – so, why don’t we do this too? At M&Y, we specialize in choice – choice of product so that we can make sure it meets all of your needs. Right now, I am in love with our JELD-WEN® product line – why? Locally manufactured of course – so they understand our climate and our needs. So our friends are building them and our service reps are quick to respond – why wouldn’t I be in love? Local helping Local!

Each window can be custom designed – south facing window? No problem with JELD-WEN® windows, or how about wood versus vinyl? To get the right window, we need to start at the beginning – understanding where the window in going in your home. Click here to email a window and door specialist close to you, or click the “GET A QUOTE” tab on the right side of the page. If you would like to walk into the nearest location, and speak to someone in person to start the discussion, check out our 19 locations.