Day 4: Designer Garages? Yes!

Designer Garages? Yes!

There is so much to share about the NAHB New Home – how about this garage? It was pretty cool – two garages flanking either side of the house AND they put garage doors on both sides so that they never have to back up?! So that means, four garage doors. This door looks like wood but it is made from composite materials. You get a beautiful design feature that is low maintenance. We have our basic style garage door on online, which you can order online. BUT come in and talk to one of our service desk team members at our 19 locations – they can help you find the amazing high-end, fancy-looking garage doors - we have access to a whole lot of specialty doors, click the “GET A QUOTE” tab on the right side of the page. Oh, I almost forgot, notice on one of the pictures, they placed drywall over the door opener and roof to give a cleaner appearance – if you like to have beers on a nice summer evening in the garage – why not make this space inviting?