Day 7: Spa Retreat, Right at Home!

Spa Retreat, Right at Home!

This home had more than one bathroom (of course), and each bedroom had its own extravagant shower (of course), but for some, just one beautiful shower is enough for us to run home to! 

This shower is all tile but before the tile is the Schluter Ditra Mat and Schluter accessories. You want to get this right – water is the kryptonite of our super home! We can hook you up in all kinds of ways, we have the shower base, we have the doors and we have the tiles (which we have access to more selections than what you see and what we carry in store and online!). As always, we have three ways to connect – come into one of our locations and see one of our trusted service reps or you can search our online store or click the “GET A QUOTE” tab on the right side of the page to request a quote online!