Frequently Asked Questions

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What are SDLs?

SDLs are Simulated Divided Lights. They are Grills that are placed on the outside of the glass to mimic individual panes of glass. There are also GBGs (also called IGU Grills) which refer to Grills that are placed between panes of glass.

When do I require an Egress window?

Egress windows are required in a bedroom where there is no other immediate access to the exterior of the building from the bedroom.

What is Low-E glass?

Low-E (short for Low emissivity) is a glass option that can reduce approx. 85-90% of the harmful U.V. rays of the sun from entering your home. It also blocks 100% of the radiant heat that you want, from escaping. Most Low-E glass units are filled with Argon gas which enhances the R-value of the window.

What are retro-fit windows?

Retro-fit or box units are made to fit an existing opening without disturbing the exterior or the interior components of a building. These differ from a full frame unit as there is no Brickmould or nailing fin.

Why am I getting condensation on my new windows?

Condensation is a natural phenomenon that can occur on exterior and interior glass surfaces. In nearly all cases, it is not the result of a defective window or patio door. Steps should be taken to reduce humidity with proper air circulation. Older homes with newly installed windows may experience condensation due to the high energy efficiency of the windows. Older windows allowed significant air exchange with the outside air thereby reducing the amount of humidity trapped inside the home. New windows are airtight. To reduce condensation the humidity in the home must be reduced.

Dual Pane vs. Tri-Pane. What is better?

For thermal efficiency, Tri-pane glass is a better choice than Dual pane glass. Not only does the energy rating increase over Dual pane glass, but the sound transmission is much lower (quieter). However, not all windows need to be Tri-pane. A shady area or North/North East facing windows will perform very well with Dual pane glass. Check with your local McMunn & Yates location to find out which glass is best suited for your needs.

My casement window will not close properly. How do I adjust it?

If the sash on a casement window does not close properly and there are no impediments hampering the closing, you may need to make an adjustment. Click here for more information. 

Can I finance my new windows?

We offer financing options Manitoba Hydro. If you have an account in good standing with Manitoba Hydro and your choice of windows qualify for the program, you may finance up to $7,500.00 over 60 months at 4.8% interest (Subject to change). Please contact your nearest McMunn & Yates Building Supplies location for further details.


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