Styles of Windows

Choose a window style that fits your personality while meeting the functional requirements of your home. Combine different sizes and styles of windows into one seamless design to create a custom look that is modern and clean.

  • Casement

    Hinged on the side, casement windows swings outward like a door, providing excellent circulation into your home. Equipped with a crank handle, casement windows can open a full 90° allowing for maximum ventilation. These popular, easy-to-open windows are one of the most energy efficient operating windows because of their tight seal when closed.

  • Awning

    An awning window is a casement window hung horizontally. Hinged along the top, it swings outward and allows for air movement in just about any kind of weather. Like the casement window, it is also one of the most energy efficient operating windows. Equipped with a crank handle, these horizontally inclined windows are ideal for small spaces, such as over a crowded counter or kitchen sink. 

  • Fixed

    A fixed windows is basically a casement or awning window that does not open, but offers energy efficiency. Features matching sitelines to operational units. Combine this stationary window with casement or other operational window types to create expansive views with visible sitelines. Popular in contemporary architecture, fixed windows give your home a truly modern aesthetic. 

  • Picture

    Picture windows do not open. They are non-operational and feature a low profile frame to maximize glass surface, allowing a beautifully clear, unobstructed view. 

  • Single-Hung

    Has one movable bottom sash. Single-hung windows are a popular choice for all home styles. They open by sliding the bottom sash up, which allows you to control the amount of incoming airflow. 

  • Double-Hung

    Double-hung windows feature an upper and lower sash that slide vertically past each other in a single frame. They open from the bottom and top, depending on where you want air circulation. Each sash tilts in for easy cleaning and maintenance. 

  • Slider

    Features a horizontally sliding sash. Slider windows are helpful for adding airflow to tight spaces. They are available with either one operable sash (or one stationary) or two operable sashes. The sashes can be popped out for easy cleaning and maintenance. 

  • Fullvent

    Ideal for basement windows. Offering a fully unobstructed opening, fullvent windows are ideal for egress access in basement bedrooms. Hinged along the top, these windows open inward and are available in multiple sizes.

  • Bow

    A gradually curved series of windows designed to create space in a room. Bow windows feature a combination of windows—typically five—with gentle angles that create the illusion of a curved wall. 

  • Bay

    An angled series of three windows that increase your inside space. Bay windows consist of a combination of windows—typically three—with angled sides that extend a room outward. They can include a combination of fixed or operable units.

  • Radius/Geometric

    Can be customized to just about any size and shape. Radius/geometric windows make a statement in any room. Customize these windows to any size and shape and combine with other windows to give your home a memorable focal point.